• Podhajsky
  • Tue October 31 2017
  • Posted Oct 31, 2017
The Cedar County Sheriff has a message for RAGBRAI officials: pay for our expenses or don’t expect our services.

The Tipton Conservative reports Sheriff Warren Wethington contacted RAGBRAI officials earlier this month, asking his office be reimbursed directly by them or he will not allow his deputies to provide them extra service. While he doesn’t set a total dollar amount he’d like to receive, Wethington says the rate per officer is $57.85 per hour, with 24 deputies and reserve deputies expected to be needed if the bike ride passes through Cedar County.

He goes on to state his officers will enforce every traffic violation, including failing to stop at stop signs and riding on the left-hand side of the road, common along RAGBRAI as roads are typically closed for cyclists.




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