• Fri April 13 2018
  • Posted Apr 13, 2018

The Iowan is finishing up next month's issue. Check out the preview of the cover! You can still subscribe for this issue by going to

We love covering the unique things about this state. Thank you for enjoying with us!!!

BIKEIOWA NOTE - We not only LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover, we can't wait to read the "Happy Trails" Feature about Iowa'a expanding trail network

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The people. The places. The stories. The life.

As Iowa's original state magazine, The Iowan is your gateway to travel destinations, history and adventure, food and events.

The Iowan is a bimonthly magazine exploring everything Iowa has to offer. Each issue travels into diverse pockets of the state to discover the sights, meet the people, learn the history, taste the cuisine, and experience the culture.

Ours is a smart, contemporary magazine for people who give serious thought to serious living in this land between two rivers. Engaging stories and stunning photography reveal how and why we’re bonded to and by this special place.

Work and play. Challenges and opportunities. Insights and perspectives. Each issue is an adventure. Come along for the journey! (about source)




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