• Tue March 05 2019
  • Posted Mar 5, 2019
We love when folks recognize that our work takes time and resources to make BIKEIOWA a resource for cyclists in Iowa and all across the USA.

THANKS to Kelly & Peggy Green for their donation. They'll be listed in the Donor section of our Sponsor Page for a year.

We LOVE to promote Iowa Cycling, but it takes hundreds of hours a year to keep the website updated, promoting other events and getting involved with Iowa communities and causes. We answer thousands of emails per year from cyclists like yourselves.

As Iowa cycling becomes more popular, so does the number of users who utilize the resources on Sometimes we find ourselves not getting to ride as much as we want to because the site needs updated, emails answered, Feature written, etc. We love what we do, but nothing comes for free in this world.

In 2018, we made 136 site enhancements. Major enhancements were the City Finder, City Detail Page, Marketplace, Ability to Edit a Trail, Enhanced search functionality for events, Trails, News and Features, swipe functionality for mobile, better error handling, cloud views, Adding Ride Editors and many other smaller enhancements

It costs thousands of dollars per year to run Expenses like web site hosting, event insurance, database space, back-up protection, bandwidth, software upgrades, controls, SSL Certs, monthly Admin fees, url renewals, and security vulnerabilities are just some of the expenses incurs over a year's time.
We also give away LOTS of swag and prizes to help promote events all over the state. Thanks to our sponsors, in 2018 BIKEIOWA was able to give away $6,853 worth of merchandise to local events and organizations to be used for fund raising, prizes and awareness. This does not account for the $3000+ worth of reflective stickers we print and give way each year.

There is no Pot of Gold at the end of the trail.
ALL funds for comes from Sponsors, Individual Donations or Store sales. That's All.

Like what we are doing?? toss us a bone or two.






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