• Mon March 18 2019
  • Posted Mar 18, 2019
Last updated 11:25 am March 22nd

Various updates as of March 18th. the snow is melting, but there is still plenty snow covered areas.

have more updates? Leave comments below and we'll update the details.

The High Trestle Trail
From Ankeny - Sheldahl - clear except for a 10 foot section (5-6 inches deep) 3 miles North of Ankeny. Assuming this will be melted by the weekend. Folks are riding through it.
Gazebo to Sheldahl stretch - still snow covered. Reports state: "2 foot deep and 100+yards as of 3/21) closer to Sheldal.
From Slater to Madrid - still snow covered. not sure how much.
From Woodward - Clear from Woodward to East of Madrid.

Oralabor Gateway Trail - Still snow covered by all the pine trees. It will be some time before this is clear. (confirmed 3/21 - still impassible)

Neal Smith Trail - Open from Sycamore Access (Johnston) to hill before Saylorville Marina. There trail is closed form high water. (confirmed 3/21) Assume trail from Polk City to Big Creek is open (not confirmed)
Neal Smith was also passable from the Interurban bridge near Euclid, north to Cottonwood. The water was very close between the Interurban and Euclid so this could change from day to day (Saturday, the day before, it was under water)

Gay Lea Wilson Trail - Clear from Ankeny to Bondurant. Gay Lea Wilson is passable now to Pleasant Hill .Except for construction at Sargent Park (just go onto sidewalk to Hubbell Ave.) Bridge under Hubbell is not clear yet, but you can cross the street and get back on the trail. Then it is all clear.

Trestle to Trestle - vast majority closed from collapsed bridge and trail work near river.

Sycamore MTB trail - Closed! way too wet

Raccoon River Valley Trail - still snow-covered 1.5 miles NW of Waukee between Dallas Center (assume this will be melted or passable by 3/23)
Adel to Ortonville is clear
West Des Moines to Waukee to Adel is clear
Raccoon River Valley Trail FB Update: We are currently working on cutting a path through the large snow drifts that remain on the trail. We have finished the section between Perry and Minburn and are going to be working on the section from Waukee to Dallas Center today. The snow is very wet and heavy making it extremely difficult to remove coupled with a thick layer of ice underneath the snow. Even after we remove the snow some of the ice may remain intact near the trail surface. We would still advise that you stay away from these snow and ice packed areas until further notice. Look for another update Friday afternoon.

Walnut Creek trail - Clear

Great Western Trail
Orlando's to Cumming Tap was clear except the tunnels had some run off ice refrozen and slick. slow down and/or walk in the tunnels. (confirmed 3/22 am)

And it is weeks like these that really make us want to get a "Trail condition page" created !!

Thanks to a Good Samaritan with a shovel, the High Trestle Trail is mostly clear from the Ankeny Trail Head to the Oasis. There is still one spot as of today (22 March) where you might need to portage the bike. Otherwise, there is pavement exposed to ride on. Beyond the Oasis you can get a little extra trail, but then you'll encounter significant drifts still covering the trail.

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