• Erin Litton
  • Wed May 08 2019
  • Posted May 13, 2019
Peter Thorne, professor and head of the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health in the University of Iowa College of Public Health, is a cyclingenthusiast.

“When I was a kid, I loved the independence of biking wherever and whenever I had someplace to go,” says Thorne, who is also the director of the UI’s Environmental Health Sciences Research Center. “I did not have the patience to wait for a bus. I usually biked to school with books and a trumpet in my backpack. I still enjoy being able to get where I am going fast and withouthassle.”

Thorne encourages biking, he says, because life is complicated, but biking issimple.

“Don’t like traffic and parking and buying gas? Ride a bike. Stay fit, help the planet, reduce your carbon footprint.






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