• Tue June 25 2019
  • Posted Jul 5, 2019

The Swegles are a family that can’t be missed. Clad in their red and gray racing uniforms, the trio is a frequent sight, riding their bikes on the trails of Lime Creek.

The three kids, Ben, Sam, and Ana, all spend much of their time on the Lime Creek trails, riding as a unit, while trying to grow their sport in the decidedly non-mountainous state of Iowa.

The Swegle family is a big presence in the local cycling community. The three compete on a team called the Mohawk Mountain Bike Club, and two weeks ago, at the Iowa Scholastic Mountain Bike State ChampionshipBeverly Boondoggle in Cedar Rapids, the final results read like the guest list of a family reunion.

On the boys side, the Swegle’s took two of the top five spots, as Sam took third, and Ben took fifth, while teammate Colton Bailey took the title. On the girls side, Ana Swegle won the state championship. As a team, the Mohawk Mountain Bike club took seven of the top eight spots.





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