When you think about biking, you may think a casual stroll through the park or on the side of the road. In Mason City, it was anything but.

Spin Devo hosted its fourth annual Cannonball Cross at East Park. More than 200 racers from seven different states took to the park in the race.

Cyclocross, which season runs from the fall to around January, is a racing sport similar to normal bike racing, but race on terrains such as grass, mud and sand. Racers also go through obstacles such as bumps, stairs and hills.

Spin Devo member Aspen Curtis said one of the goals of the race was to bring the sport into the eyes of more people.

"A lot of people have never even heard of Cyclocross and it's just so much fun especially for people who haven't heard of it to come out and watch even get involved and try it out," Curtis said.






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