If you saw a handful of turkeys riding around on bicycles on Saturday, don't panic.

It was just cyclers participating in Cranksigivng, a food drive on two wheels.

Cranksgiving is a scavenger hunt that takes cyclers on a ride to different grocery and convenience stores all with the goal of purchasing enough items to fill up their backpacks and ride back to their meeting point.

"It's just way to give back to the community. Enjoy this perfect weather and get into the mood for Thanksgiving," said Siouxland Cyclist President Kati Bak.

This is the third year Siouxlanders are participating in Cranksgiving alongside 100 other cities across the country.

There were more than 3,500 pounds of food and other items plus cash donations raised for Cranksgiving.

Every dollar that was donated allowed the Food Bank of Siouxland to acquire 13 pounds of food.

One rider rode 13 miles and another rider brought back 32.8 pounds of items back.







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