Two local cycling organizations have expressed their support for a long-running statewide bike ride following a break-up between the ride's planners and its ownership.

The Iowa Bicycling Action Fund, a lobbying group for bicyclists, and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, a Coralville-based advocacy group affiliated with the Iowa Bicycling Action Fund, said in a statement that they endorsed RAGBRAI after meeting with new staff in place after the ride's original planners left.

"Moving forward, we believe RAGBRAI is committed to enhance Iowa bicycle advocacy, promote bicycling culture overall, and contribute toward the state of Iowa’s reputation and economic vibrancy. The proposed changes shared with the board were positive for Iowa and we look forward to the implementation," Mark Wyatt, Executive Director with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, said, in a statement.

Wyatt, on behalf of the organizations, said that the ride's new director, Dieter Drake, and other new staff will be committed to the "safety and future success" of the long-running bicycle ride.

"For 47 years, RAGBRAI is woven into Iowa’s culture and tradition," Wyatt said. "This new era in Iowa bicycling has the potential for greater success and opportunity. We look forward to the future of Iowa bicycling."





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