t can be hard for Brenna Kamps to keep up with her sisters. The triplets were born early, causing physical and developmental delays for Brenna.

The family is in the running for an adaptive tandem bike to help them all hit the bike trail again as a family.

"It just means a lot to me that we do things together," said Annalise Kamps.

The 9 year-old triplets like to make sure no one is left out. “The good thing about being a triplet is you're never ever lonely," added Annalise.

Her sister Lucy Kamps said, "Making Brenna laugh is really fun. It makes your day brighter and like, yay!"

Annalise, Brenna, and Lucy were born early. "They were born at 25 weeks gestation. They were due on December 15th, but were born on September 1st. I was at work and my water broke, and they were here 12 hours later," said Mom Angie Kamps.

The triplets weighed a pound and a half at birth and spent months in the Mercy Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. "All three of them suffered severe brain hemorrhages when they were born because they were born so early. Brenna kind of got the brunt of the complications from the prematurity,” said Angie. "She has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, which means she has fluid on the brain."


You can vote for Brenna on The Great Bike Giveaway’s website. Voting runs through March 4th.







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