While Mason City has certainly developed a reputation of being a bicycle friendly community over the years, a group of volunteers hope to build that reputation even further.

North Iowa Human Powered Trails, a non-profit advocacy group, has begun building a designated mountain bike trail within the Zerbles Trail area along the Winnebago River.

With North Iowa lacking options for raceable off-road trail systems, groups like the Mohawk Mountain Bike Club must travel to larger cities to find suitable options to train and compete on.

North Iowa Human Powered Trails, formed by volunteers, including Steve Bailey, who co-founded the Mohawk Mountain Bike Club, and its parent organization, SPIN DEVO, are looking to build about five miles of trails.

“What we do is we go out to the trails, we look at them kind of create an idea and then we create a trail day,” said Bailey. Typically, he said 30 or more volunteers show up on designated build days, break into small groups and build trail features, such as berms and jumps.

Bailey emphasized that having a home course is a great opportunity not only for his mountain bike club, which consists of about 28 members this year, but for all cycling enthusiasts.

“We are trying to build on Mason City's bike-friendly atmosphere,” he said. “I want this to be inviting for people to come and check out and we want everybody to have a really good experience. You could ride a multitude of different bikes out here and have a really good time.”







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