For some, Charlie Harper was the person who sold them their first bike, or advised them on what bike to get. For others, he was someone to go riding with, or talk with. For the Muscatine community, he was a friend.

On Monday, May 24, Charlie Harper, owner of Harper’s Cycling and Fitness, died at the age of 85. For decades, Charlie was a staple in the community; at his business, which he owned for 55 years; and as someone who gave back when he could.

“I’ve worked side-by-side with both my parents at the store for over 50 years, and it’s something that I’ve shared his passion and enjoyment for. We try to be positive cheerleaders for the community,” his son, Greg Harper, said. “We both showed up and worked six days a week together, and I learned to greet people with kindness and compassion and not to judge people, whether they have the money to buy something or not.”






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