• Alex Jirgens
  • Thu September 02 2021
  • Posted Sep 2, 2021
Phase one of the trail, situated on a former Union Pacific railroad bed, will run from 4th Street Northeast to 1st Street Southeast.

For cycling enthusiasts, there will soon be a new bike trail connecting Mason City's north and south ends.

The High Line Trail will be situated on a former Union Pacific railroad bed, stretching from County Road B20 to 19th Street Southeast, with a possible extension to Georgia Hanford Park. Currently, the first phase of the trail will be constructed between 4th Street Northeast to 1st Street Southeast, crossing two bridges over Willow Creek and State Street.

Though the city has budgeted about $260,000 for the project, city engineer Mark Rahm says a grant from the Iowa DNR is expected to contribute about half of that amount, though the pandemic has delayed the approval process.

"We're just excited that we do have a phase one and a grant out there that's been initially approved. We have something we're ready to go on pretty quickly, as soon as we get that approval."

To expand the trail out to its realized vision, however, Rahm says further financial assistance is needed.

"I know our grant writer is constantly looking for grants that will apply to this type of thing, and we are always looking for assistance in those types of projects. Hopefully, we can land some of those and keep expanding."

Due to the conditions of the grant, Rahm anticipates construction to begin in the spring, with a targeted completion date by the end of next summer.






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