• Dave Roll
  • Thu December 23 2021
  • Posted Dec 23, 2021
The Cedar Valley Bike Collective is hiring a part time Head Bike Mechanic.
We are taking applications till January 14th.
Send an email of work history and experiences that are applicable
Be sure to include your name and method of contact int the e-mail.
Current Work hours are Mon 5-8, Wed 5-8 & Sat 11-2.

CVBC Bike Mechanic Job Description

Bicycle Mechanic & Responsibilities: Cedar Velley Bike Collective (CVBC) seeks employees who are energetic, customer friendly and hard working. The bicycle mechanic’s primary responsibilities include evaluating donated bikes for serviceability, repair, and cost to repair bikes. In addition, to advising customers on the availability of bikes in the shop and their options. The bicycle mechanic’s job is very important as we depend on well prepared bicycles to make the customer’s experience and repurpose donated bikes to be in the community. Sadly, it is known, not all bikes are able to be repurposed, which means the bike mechanic is the main decision maker for deciding what bikes can be resold with minimum effort and no major repairs. The bicycle mechanic reports to the CVBC Board. He/She is expected to be proactive and be able to manage his or her own time and responsibilities. The Bike Mechanic is also expected to provide work direction and instruction to shop volunteers and co-workers. Work instruction includes, shop cleanliness, repair assessments, and pricing of bicycles.


Repair, check, and fix bikes to be sold after repair and initial assessments are made.

Ensure each bike that is sold, is safe. It can pass a safety check inspection to include but not limited to: Braking, Steering, Shifting, and has no Sharpe edges.

Provide Shop Employees and volunteers work direction for the day.

Take notes of all work done on bikes + update the database.

Keep the inventory of the workshop updated.

Keep the bench and the workshop clean.

Provide feedback about bicycles and their repairability

Be customer service oriented and personable as you are the face of CVBC

Assist with related material and inventory management as needed.

Discuss repair parts needed prior to ordering parts. All orders need to be approved by a designated board member.


Ability to manage his/her own time

Ability to prioritize

Good team player

Problem solve and work in a restricted budget environment.

The seasonal nature of this job means that here will be weeks when we will work longer hours with the opportunity to take additional days and hours off at other times. Flexible

Be computer literate and able to use Microsoft Word and Excel for data management and communications.

Bicycle Mechanic Skills:

We require 3-5 years of shop experience, although exceptions will be entertained. (besides the usual knowledge about a bicycle, we require the following skills:)

Assembling/disassembling and identify different types (ITA/ING) bottom bracket

Wheel building

Crank arm replacement

Change derailleurs

Headset overhaul

Changing brakes, brake levers and shifter levers

Changing all kinds of cables

Limit screws adjustment (both derailleurs)

Center brakes

Chain check, replacement






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