A quick glance toward his dad is all 2-year-old Owen Tudor needed before take off.

Just a few pushes off the pavement sent Owen gliding down the road on his balance bike, a pedal-less bike with two wheels. Weaving up and down the hill, he put the built-in rubber toe caps of his shoes to work as he came beaming to a stop back on his driveway.

“Good job, buddy,” said dad Eric Tudor. “Want to ride on my bike?”

With that, the 2-year-old pushes his bike toward the garage before he dismounts to walk over to his dad’s bike saddled with a Mac Ride, a child bike seat that fits on almost any adult bike.

Between the two cycling options, the Sioux Center youth has put on more than 1,000 miles as part of Tudor family’s goal to be active and live a vehicle-independent lifestyle.

“There’s a lot of enjoyment in seeing Sioux Center on two wheels,” said Eric, 32.

Eric’s passion for cycling dates back to his racing days after graduating Dordt University 2012. He also biked or walked to work at Dordt where he is director of Emerging Markets.







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