#DidYouKnow - Des Moines was the runner-up to host the 2023 Singlespeed Cylocross World Championships (SSCXWC).

The 2022 SSCXWC was held in Durango Colorado on November 10-13th.

SSCXWC is WAY more than a single-speed cyclocross race where the winner gets a mandatory tattoo... There are qualifying townie bike roller races to Big Mac and hot dog-eating contests, beer chugs just to get a spot at the coveted, and highly unsanctioned, championship race of 125 racers.

The winner of the 2022 race determines the location of the 2023 race.

The Des Moines SSCXWC Crew consisted of Brian West, Vance Fletcher and Jordan Costello. All were members of the Phoenix Syndicate Race Team.

Per Velo News - "Santa Cruz, California and Des Moines, Iowa were the top teams in the alley cat and then went head-to-head in the bike polo.

Although Des Moines led at the half, Santa Cruz rallied to win in overtime."


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Inside the party of all bike races in Durango, Colorado

Photo Cred - Velo News - Elmer Ferro

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