• Logan Mantz
  • Fri December 30 2022
  • Posted Jan 4, 2023

The City of Perry is looking for a person or business to run a historic vendor in town.

City Administrator Sven Peterson says at the latest City Council meeting they approved an advertising request for proposals for someone to operate the Caboose Concession Stand located at Caboose Park. He explains that a bunch of retired railroaders were able to bring a caboose to downtown Perry which became under-utilized and turned into a place to serve the community.

“City kind of took it over again. And a local young entrepreneur, Grant Eklund, went to city council with a proposal to revamp the caboose and open up a little hot dog stand. So that’s kind of how that all started with it becoming more of a concession stand. Of course, right there at the trailhead of the Raccoon River Valley Trail and the High Trestle Trail coming into Perry. So it’s a great location and we’re very excited for what proposals might come through.”

Peterson says all proposals should be submitted to City Hall by January 23, 2023.

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