The blue, red, black, yellow and green stripes on the side of the newly renovated building at 515 28th St. in Des Moines are a clue to what's inside.

The colors are those of the world cycling championship and signal the historic former print shop is home to the recently opened Chain & Spoke, Des Moines’ first combination bike and coffee shop

Built in 1925 to house Iowa Lithographic Co., the building had been empty for years before its roof collapsed in 2019 and it ended up on Des Moines’ nuisance property list, a potential target for demolition. RWR Development and Benchmark Real Estate acquired it in 2020 and invested $2.5 million restoring and adapting it for retail and restaurant use.

Jeff Hoobin combined both when he opened Chain & Spoke at the beginning of April. A former pro bike racer, he was an auto enthusiast who wanted to race but found that competing on two-wheelers was much less expensive.

It became his passion, and with his business, Hoobin indulges two others, as well: fine coffee and unique architecture.

Chain & Spoke
515 28th St. Unit 102
Des Moines, IA 50312
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