• Posted Sep 25, 2019

Late Post, but still wanted to promote!

From the Crandic Racing "Cross Words" Blog ~ John Stonebarger

Never enough cyclocross, but you can't make it to Trek? Team Denovo has you covered.
Saturday, September 21st, "Valley Cross will be the best race that's not in Wisconsin."

Now in its fourth year, the Valley Community Center Cyclocross Course in West Des Moines is more than ready for a prime time debut. "We know we will lose racersto the Trek Cup," explains Jeff Osbourn, "but we are excited to host an earlier race this year when it's warmer."

Of course true cyclocross fans savor late season races, but at a cost. Cold weather sucks even for cyclocross, and the race last year race was painful enough to prove it. Worse still, the late date meant a short day...






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