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 News Triathlons part of Sioux Center man's life 2193/13/2024Race, Road (Competitive), Tri/Multi-SportDimond bikes, Ironman, Triathlon Sioux Center...X
 News Dani Fischer wins women's division of Des Moines Ironman 4746/24/2023Tri/Multi-SportIronman Des Moines...X
 News See photos of the 2023 Ironman 70.3 in Des Moines 7186/24/2023Tri/Multi-SportIronman Des Moines...X
 News The Ironman 70.3 is coming to the Des Moines metro, here's what you need to know 7186/23/2023Road (Competitive), Tri/Multi-SportIronman Des Moines...X
 News Des Moines man to compete in IRONMAN triathlon one year after being hit by an SUV 114611/15/2022Tri/Multi-SportInjury, Ironman, Triathlon Des Moines...X
 Events IRONMAN 70.3 Des Moines 24182/15/2022Training/Fitness, Tri/Multi-SportIronman, Triathlon Des Moines...X
 News Next year's Ironman race in Des Moines will be full 140.6 miles 224310/25/2021Race, Tri/Multi-SportIronman, Triathlon Des Moines...X
 News Athletes swarm to Des Moines for Ironman's half triathlon 16376/21/2021Tri/Multi-SportIronman, Triathlon Des Moines...X
 Events IRONMAN 70.3 Des Moines 21226/16/2021Training/Fitness, Tri/Multi-SportIronman, Triathlon Des Moines...X
 Features IRONMAN announces Des Moines as host city of new 2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon 52886/24/2019Training/Fitness, Tri/Multi-SportIronman Des Moines...X
 News Tulsa (not Des Moines) chosen to host 2020 IRONMAN competition 31506/21/2019Race, Tourism, Tri/Multi-SportIronman, Triathlon Des Moines...X
 News This (Iowa) Guy Crushed Ironman Texas on a Fat Bike 87795/2/2017Race, Road, Tri/Multi-SportFat Bike, Ironman  ...X
 News Ironman Triathlon: Central Iowans race onto world stage 790310/15/2008Race, Tri/Multi-SportIronman Adel...X
 News TJ Tollakson wins Eagleman Ironman 79786/12/2007Race, Tri/Multi-SportIronmanBig CreekAnkeny...X
 News Kersten finishes well in Florida Ironman Triathlon 836811/24/2006Race, Tri/Multi-SportIronman Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge...X
 News Iowa City woman trains for ultimate test 95677/3/2005Tri/Multi-SportIronman Iowa City...X
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