Type: Rail Trail

Length: 4 miles

Surface: Crushed Limestone


Above Average

Grade - Flat



When complete the Farragut Admiral Trail will connect with the Wabash Nature Trail in Shenandoah, connect to Farragut and also be a part of the Frontier Iowa Trails.


Location - Where is this Trail?

Located in the far southwest corner of Iowa, the Farragut Admiral Trail will connect to the Wabash Trace Nature Trail.

The 4.2 miles of trail was the former BNSF rail line from Farragut to Highway 2 in Shenandoah.


Sites & Attractions

History of the Trail

The Farragut Admiral Trail is named in honor of Admiral David Farragut, an accomplished U.S. naval officer revered for his service to the Union in the Civil War.

More Details

Future Plans

Planned Mileage: 4.2 miles -


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